Floral Blazer - Under the magnolia tree


It's finally spring time in Ontario!
I recently made my way into the city for my OBGYN appointment and noticed all of the magnolia trees staring to bloom! They are one of my favourite flowering trees and I have been thinking about planting one in our front yard because every old house needs a magnolia tree in my opinion. 

Purples for Spring


Peach Swiss Dot Dress - Pink Blush Maternity


Ok things are getting warmer around here and I love it the temperatures have been so lovely lately! 
I am starting to get pregnancy night sweats like crazy so this girl is going to be living in this cute peach sundress till this baby is born! 
Thank you to Pink Blush Maternity for sending me this beautiful dress, I can't get over how cute it is and I love love the colour makes me think of all things spring and summer like picnics!! Plus upside down peach cake is amazing and how fabulous would a picnic in this dress with upside down peach cake be? alright now I'm craving peaches like crazy! lol
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