Dreamy Winter Maternity Photoshoot


Winter Chic


Oh winter I love how pretty you are when the snow sparkles in the sun light!
I find winter can be the most challenging season to dress stylish and chic for especially when you are 6 months pregnant. 

Grey Coat


 Lately I have been enjoying long winter coats! 
I love how cozy they feel and having that extra warmth on my legs is a bonus. I have never dealt with the cold weather very well, but when you dress for the season it really makes a big difference. When I was looking for a new coat I had a pink one in mind but because I already own so many pink coats and grey was a colour I have never owned before I thought why not. I am so happy I went with it... but ah yes I see a pink coat like this in my future. 
A girls can simply never have too many coats unless you ask my husband his answer would be totally different. 

Valentines Day gifts - Girly Girl 2021



Motherhood Maternity: Spring Favourites 2021


 A few items I have been thinking lots about for my maternity spring outfit!
I ordered clothing from motherhood maternity while I was pregnant with Emilia and loved the quality, the pricing was grate and they always had good deals!
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