Pastels for Winter



Who said you can't look cute in maternity clothes?!? I am kind of at that stage in my pregnancy where I'm just too big for my regular old clothes and a bit too small in some maternity outfits. But soon things will be fitting just right so I'm not too worried about it. 

Now that Christmas is over the blues are setting in and I am so ready for spring. Winter just feels so gloomy after Christmas is over, but at least the days are getting brighter and brighter. Usually in January I start planning and thinking about Emilia's birthday Party. It is most likely just us this year but I still want to make it special for her, and something for her to have to look back on when she is older. We are still working on our kitchen reno the base cabinets and countertops are installed. We will be working on the wall cabinets in the summer because we need to build and modify some and I would prefer working on them outside rater then trying to do it in the basement. So the rest of the kitchen is on hold till after baby #2 is here. But in the mean time I have a fun d├ęcor project I want to work on so stay tuned for that!

xxoo Erika 

Outfit Details:

Top: H&M & Similar | Pants: Marks { Similar } | Jacket: Oldnavy | Gloves: MITCHIE { Similar & Similar }| Bag: Kate Spade Briar Lane Quilted { Similar } | Shoes: Winners fab find { Similar } | Sweater: Winners fab find { Similar & Similar }


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