Peach Swiss Dot Dress - Pink Blush Maternity


Ok things are getting warmer around here and I love it the temperatures have been so lovely lately! 
I am starting to get pregnancy night sweats like crazy so this girl is going to be living in this cute peach sundress till this baby is born! 
Thank you to Pink Blush Maternity for sending me this beautiful dress, I can't get over how cute it is and I love love the colour makes me think of all things spring and summer like picnics!! Plus upside down peach cake is amazing and how fabulous would a picnic in this dress with upside down peach cake be? alright now I'm craving peaches like crazy! lol

Black Grid Patterned Cardigan



Happy first of the week! 
I found this cute grid patterned cardigan from Anne Klein at winners back in February when everything was opening back up in our area. The regular price was $59 and I got it on clearance for $34 is that a steal of a deal or what! I love finding items that are classic and timeless that will last me a long time. 

Beautiful Spring Outfits Every Girl Needs


Spring time has to be my favourite season! 
When all of the flowers and flowering tresses are in bloom it's absolutely beautiful. Plus light pastel colours are my favourite and mixing light colours and florals is what I have been waiting for since last spring. Here are a few things I have been dreaming about adding to my spring wardrobe. 

Pink Bush Maternity Dress


Pink Monochromatic Outfit


Maternity outfit

Spring time in Ontario can be a hard transition, it's still freezing outside and all I want to wear is pretty floral dresses or skirts! 
I feel this outfit is the prefect transitional outfit from winter to spring. Layering is still a big must in march, so paring this skirt with this beautiful bush turtleneck I found at winners a few years ago and my all time favourite H&M skirt. 

Black and Bush


Lately this outfit has been my go to look a pair of comfy maternity leggings and cozy long sleeve top!
Walking has been challenging for me the last few months so the comfier the clothes the better. 

winter whites


Dreamy Winter Maternity Photoshoot


Winter Chic


Oh winter I love how pretty you are when the snow sparkles in the sun light!
I find winter can be the most challenging season to dress stylish and chic for especially when you are 6 months pregnant. 

Grey Coat


 Lately I have been enjoying long winter coats! 
I love how cozy they feel and having that extra warmth on my legs is a bonus. I have never dealt with the cold weather very well, but when you dress for the season it really makes a big difference. When I was looking for a new coat I had a pink one in mind but because I already own so many pink coats and grey was a colour I have never owned before I thought why not. I am so happy I went with it... but ah yes I see a pink coat like this in my future. 
A girls can simply never have too many coats unless you ask my husband his answer would be totally different. 

Valentines Day gifts - Girly Girl 2021



Motherhood Maternity: Spring Favourites 2021


 A few items I have been thinking lots about for my maternity spring outfit!
I ordered clothing from motherhood maternity while I was pregnant with Emilia and loved the quality, the pricing was grate and they always had good deals!

Cozy at Home Style




Hard to believe Valentines day is less then 1 weeks away!
What I love about February is wear lots and lots of pink. It's hard to believe that once upon a time I never even owned anything pink or red and now look at me, that's pretty much my entire wardrobe. 

Blushing in Pink


I always love how crisp pinks and blush look in the winter time. By the time January comes we have been living in winter for 3 months now and with the days getting brighter it makes me think of Spring! Spring is my absolute favourite season, so anytime I have an excuse to start dressing in my Spring outfits, I will take it!  

Pastels for Winter



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