Emerald Sweater


Nothing like Blush, Emerald and baby bumps on this snowy December day!
When you think of Christmas what colours come to mind and do you only use those colours for decor or when styling your outfits?
I love mixing colours I would us as decor when styling my outfits. I felt that this outfit needed a white top to go  with my pink skirt and emerald green sweater so Emilia picked this one out for me. She is becoming so fashionable for a toddler and loves picking out what she is going to wear for the day! 

I am giving some love to older items in my wardrobe with this look and have owned these items for quite some time now. It feels good to have items that are classic. A goal of mine over the last few years has been to reduce my fast fashion purchases and find items I will continue to love! 


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