Emilia's Swan Lake Nursery


When we first found out we were having a girl, I couldn't wait to start working on designing the nursery. The first thing my husband Kevin said was we are not painting the room pink!! My response was of course not, it never even crossed my mind, but filling the room with as much pink as possible did!! 
I wanted to create an elegant and timeless space that Emilia could grow into, and create a space that  wouldn't have to change as she gets older.

Emerald Sweater


Nothing like Blush, Emerald and baby bumps on this snowy December day!
When you think of Christmas what colours come to mind and do you only use those colours for decor or when styling your outfits?

A very Merry Christmas


This year for our Christmas card things are a little extra special!
We are so very excited to announce that we are welcoming baby #2 in June 2021. 
Even though I would have liked to have waited a little long before announcing, well I was never good at keeping secrets and this bump is not helping me hid things! lol 

Free nutcracker wrapping paper printable


Ontario, Canada

Christmas is just around the corner and I still have so much wrapping to do!!
How does this happen every year, I find myself scrambling to get all my wrapping done just a few days before Christmas. 

Nothing says Christmas like pretty Nutcracker themed d├ęcor. 
 I wanted to create something extra special this year for my presents so I made this pretty Nutcracker themed wrapping paper. 

I deiced to create the images using watercolours because they are always so pretty and have a vintage feel to it. I pulled out my watercolours and got to work on making lots of different variations and colours that will look absolutely beautiful under any tree! 
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