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We have a code 2319!!
Monsters Inc has been our go to family movie recently and Emilia loves it! When thinking about Halloween costumes the first thing that usually comes to mind is princesses and all things girly. This year was quite different, Kevin actually picked out this years theme and I’m so glad he did because we had a blast.   
When thinking about how we where going to incorporate this theme and what characters we where going to play one thing was simple Emilia was Boo and had to be wearing the little monster costume! 
I diyed her costume using fabric from fabricland. I found a dark purple stretches knitted fabric that had silver sequins in it. In the movie Boo’s costume is a purple scaled fabric but I could only find green. So the knitted fabric was a good alternative. I purchased a small amount of white felt fabric to make the under shirt and line the hat. The eyes where made with styrofoam balls and black pipe cleaners.   

When thinking about what Kevin and I where going’s to wear I first thought of Mike and Sully. These characters would be hard to make and any costumes that I could find where very expensive. Since Emilia’s Boo’s costumes was her in the monster outfit I thought of alternative and we dresses as the monsters in the hazmat suit.. all most fitting for been living in a pandemic for half the year. 

I found these hazmat suits on Amazon and used a black marker to add the CDA to the back and numbers. I also hot glued felt vents and buttons just like in the movie to the suites. Unfortunately the hazmat suits where very cheap and both Kevin and I had ripped pants at the seams! 
But we where able to make it through the night to take some cute pictures for a lifetime of memories of running around in a field with pants that had no bum. lol 

I hope you enjoy this years Halloween costumes although we are not going out this year we still thought it would be fun to dress up and I am so glad we did! The weather is so beautiful out and we are ready to put our costumes on and search for some candy in the backyard! 
Happy Halloween 2020!


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