Matching Dirndls


Nothing say October to me then wearing my dirndl! 
I started working on this project last fall, and it has taken me some time to finish. This is my 3rd dirndl I have ever made and I think it has to be by far my favourite one. I never planed on make one for Emilia as well but then decided to make one for her because she loved mine so much. I just used the left over scraps to crate hers and I am so glad I did. 

All of the fabric I purchased from fabricland. I picked this fabric because I love how vibrant the colours are. I think purples are so pretty for fall and I love anything with florals. Originally I was going to make a solid fabric apron with lots of trims, but decided to use the one I already made for my first dirndl. Lace is so elegant and I love how the floral fabric shines through the lace, plus this ties in the white blouse. The blouse I picked up from H&M last fall but works so perfectly as a dirndl blouse and same me time on making one. The ribbon detailing is a first for me something I really wanted to do on this one. I was plaining on making the ribbon trim match the ruffles on the neckline but this was the only colour close enough that they had at Michaels which I think turned out perfectly! 
Over all I am so happy with how it turned out and look forward to wearing it in the years to come, only down side is Emilia will eventually grown out of hers but it will be fun to pass this down to her one day for her family. 

xxoo Erika 

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