Darling Party Dresses for little Girls


One thing that is for sure Emilia may look more like her dad but she is a girl after her mom's heart and has already developed an eye for pretty dress!
I could tell from a very young age our little girl was going to be really into fashion, could be in the jeans. She enjoys picking out her own outfits for the day and sometimes it is a very fancy dress just to go walking in but she loves it and always says look mom pretty dress. So I know she would love any of these dress to wear just around the house or to her next party. 

1) Unicorn Metallic Dress  2) Sequin Bodice Tulle Dress  

3) Sequin Bodice Tulle Dress

4) Metallic Butterfly Tulle Dress   5) Beaded Tulle Party Dress

6) En Rose Embellished Tutu Dress  

7) Embroidered Tulle Dress  8 ) Jacquard Woven Dress 

9) Star Pattern Dress  

10) Sparkle Party Dress & Shimmer  11) Sequined Tulle Dress

xxoo Erika 

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