8 Stylish Winter Coats


I think we can officially say winter is just around the corner!! Brrr it is sure getting cold out, so for todays post I thought it would be fun to share some cute and stylish winter coat ideas.  
I love to have options so I normally have more then one winter coat, considering winter for us is from November till May. That is a long time to be wearing the same coat every single day, so having more so choses from helps me fell more excited about the cold months ahead.  


 1. Oregon Car Coat | 2. Single-breasted Coat | 3. Brook Double Breasted Longline  

4. Belted Drape Front Coat | 5. Wool Blend Longline Coat

6. Cole Haan Hooded Down & Feather Jacket | 7. Mix Stitch Quilted Walker Jacket

8. Breasted Wool Coat

xxoo Erika 

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