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We have a code 2319!!
Monsters Inc has been our go to family movie recently and Emilia loves it! When thinking about Halloween costumes the first thing that usually comes to mind is princesses and all things girly. This year was quite different, Kevin actually picked out this years theme and I’m so glad he did because we had a blast.   

Spooky last minute Halloween costume Idea


8 Stylish Winter Coats


I think we can officially say winter is just around the corner!! Brrr it is sure getting cold out, so for todays post I thought it would be fun to share some cute and stylish winter coat ideas.  
I love to have options so I normally have more then one winter coat, considering winter for us is from November till May. That is a long time to be wearing the same coat every single day, so having more so choses from helps me fell more excited about the cold months ahead.  

Burgundy Pants


Bippity Boppity Boo: Belle Halloween Costume


Here is a fun little mommy and me Halloween costume idea! 
I made this dirndl a few years ago and I always knew it would make a perfect Belle dress. 
I watched the making of and they talked about how Belle's dress was inspired by Maria from The Sound of Music. So naturally, my dirndl was the perfect fit, but any blue dress would do!

Rose floral pants


I found this amazing pants on clearance at Maurices for just over $13 you cant go wrong with that!
One of the reasons why I love shopping there is that they have sizes to fit all shapes. These pants are so fun I think they where from their summer collection but they work so perfectly for fall. I love the back background and having the golden rose really makes them pop. I'm not really sure when it is acceptable to wear white again after labor day? Pretty sure that rule is just the day after right?!? lol
I actually love wearing white in the fall it feels so cozy and well our falls are so short here it is almost felling like winter already. 

Long Cardigan


Something about October and I always feel like I should dress with a 1970's vibe!
Not sure if it is the long cardigan or the velvet boots but I am sure feeling it with this look. I love being cozy now that things are getting colder, and dare I say it the four letter "s" word. But snow is in our forecast, I know it feels way too soon! Where did summer go and we are half way through October. 

blue horizontal striped pants


All I have to say is these pants are a party on their own! 
Who would of thought horizontal striped pants would look so cute and flattering! I am completely obsessed with the colour too they are so bright and vibrant. It is fun to walk on the wild side and these pants are for sure a head turner.. just ask my mom she couldn't help but stare at them all day! 

Matching Dirndls


Darling Party Dresses for little Girls


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