Mommy & Me Photoshoot


mommy & me photos

We are soaking up the last few days of Summer! 
A few weeks ago we did these cute little Mommy and Me photos with Emilia and our little fur baby Farrah. I love how they turned out with this cute little whimsical feel to them. Farrah absolutely loves getting her picture taken and she is for sure a girly diva bunny! lol 
While Emilia is at that toddler stage where she is not really into taking pictures unless it is her idea, some days it's like 2 1/2 going on 25!

Have you ever considered getting photos done with your pets? 
We have do a few photos with our little bunny Farrah and I think it is so important because she is a big part of our family. One of your biggest childhood memories growing up is your pets. Farrah has been in our family through all of our greatest milestones. My husband, Kevin and I, were out shopping one day and he went into a store beside a pet shop, and I thought I would just go look at all the animals till he was done. Well lo and behold, there was little bunny Farrah, so beautiful with her tan and purple grey coloured fur. I had always wanted a lop eared bunny growing up, and when I saw her I knew she would be the perfect start to our Family. 

I picked up this cute shorts and top outfit for Emilia last summer in Winners, and love all the beautiful embroidery details on them, it is so elegant and I knew I wanted to capture her wearing it. Since we were going to be taking these photos in tall grass I chose these cute little knee socks. I picked up this dress in the spring from H&M and instantly loved it, it works very well in my wardrobe for any season. I haven't worn it as much as I had hoped to this summer because I misplaced the belt tie in my house some where.. lost it like behind the washer and dryer. But I know the colour would be so perfect to go with the purple wild flowers and Emilia's outfit and I didn't want to change hers, so I had a small waist belt in almost the exact same colour to pair with it. It couldn't have turned out more perfectly!
I originally purchased this flower basket for one of Emi's monthly photo shoots and never thought I would be using it so much. It really just adds to that whimsical feel to your photos, and you can really use it any time, in the spring with fresh cut floral's or in the fall with some vegetables and dried flowers, in our case it was perfect for carrying our bunny!

mommy & me photos

mommy & me photos



    Photos By: Candra Schank photography

Outfit Details:

Dress: H&M {Similar & Similar} | Toddler Outfit: Winners {Shorts & Top} | Basket: {Similar}

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