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fall capsule wardrobe

Today on the blog I wanted to create a fall capsule wardrobe post!! 
Even though we have just started August and the temperatures are beautiful in the high 20's I have been thinking about fall a lot. I love finding pieces that I can wear throughout the year or transition from summer to fall. I love rich vibrant jewel tones for fall and always find a way to incorporate these colours throughout the year!!  

Tops & Blouses 

First, lets talk about tops. I always like to have a good basic that can really go with anything. Because our falls are usually cold and rainy with the odd warm day I like to just stick with long sleeve tops. This way I can just spend the day out if it is warm enough with a long scarf or shawl.

I love the look of just a plain white top and everyone should have one in their wardrobe. This is a great item that you can carry into the winter months. I almost always wear a tone of plaid during fall so having a solid top is key for me, whether its a wrap or a coat I like the look of just one colour underneath so that it doesn't take away from the plaid. The second top I chose was this long sleeve striped top. If you are looking for a piece of clothing you can wear all year long, look no further then a classic striped top! You can wear it in spring, summer, fall and winter and it literally goes with everything. My striped top would have to be the most warm top I have and there are so many different ways you can style it. Since it is so versitile, it should absolutely be on your list!

Now on to blouses!! Blouses would have to be one of my favourite clothing items to shop for. There are so many options to choose from long sleeve to tank. I like to layer my outfit as much possible so having the different options are a must. Plus, the weather is so up and down during September to October that one day could be warm then the next could be snowing, lol you just never know!! I also spend a lot of time on the road traveling to work so sometimes too many layers can be uncomfortable or hot in the car, when you are wearing a coat sweater top etc. so being able to easily remove layers is key.

I love the idea of wearing animal print in the fall. Something about those earthy tones really gets me! But I also love a good classic black and white. So what better to combine both this blouse and do a black and white in an animal print. I honestly can't think of a time you couldn't wear this blouse, it is so cute not to wear all year round, and every girl needs a good button up top. When choosing colours for fall I think of the leaves for inspiration, beautiful golden yellows, and burnt, pinky reds. The colour and style of this wrap top is just of elegant and darling making it perfect to wear it casually or to the office. I also choose this classic black cami, this is a very good staple to own. I love wearing them under big comfy sweaters or blazers 


I love wearing dark colours in fall and I think it is so pretty to have a fun pop of colour under your coat. This is why I chose this beautiful coral orange sweater. This would be an item I could wear in the spring with a cute pair of white jeans. long sweaters are always a must especially with pockets! I have this exact sweater in pink and love it lots, it is so comfy and soft I could get it in every colour. But who needs that many of the same sweater, lets be realistic. I chose the grey sweater because it gives me more options to pair it with other colours and different season. Plus you can never go wrong with a classic grey sweater!


Jumpsuits Dresses & Skirts 

I love wearing dresses and skirts all year round, but if you read my recent ANTHROPOLOGIE JUMPSUIT post you would know I have a new found love for wearing jumpsuits. So I want to start wearing them throughout the year more and this cute black jumpsuit is perfect for just that. Plus the ruffle sleeve details are so darling!

I picked this pretty plaid dress  because the style and pattern is so classic. I will be able to wear it in the winter months as well. There is just something about wearing plaid in the colder months, and is a fun way to add some texture to your outfit. I just really love textures and patterns so anyway a I can incorporate it into my outfits I will make it work. 

Having a good pencil skirt is so important especially when working in an office setting. I use to be scared to wear them but found they are so flattering. I tend to wear more of a high waisted styled skirts so I can wear my tops tucked in or leave them out and over the pencil skirt.  
The second skirt is this fun button front skirt the buttons and pockets add so much detail to this dress, I would wear my shirts tucked in most of the time and pair it with a long sweater. 



I'm a big fan of wearing faux leather pants  in the fall, they are so chic and fun and are another great way to add some interest and texture to your outfit. I like wearing them with sold silky or patterned tops and adding a fun cozy sweater or long trench coat. 

when choosing colours for pants I like to stick with dark colours, so black or dark wash jeans. If I want to wear coloured jeans it would mostly be a burgundy shade. I typically don't buy very many coloured pants like this because I find I only wear them in fall and have to store them the rest of the year. So this is why I stick to just plain and neutral jean options with this black jean. The other option for jeans is a dark wash with a little distressed boyfriend style jean. When picking a ripped or distressed jean I am more of a less is more, just a little on the knee or just above the knee. I like the casual relaxed feel of boyfriend jeans, and pairing it with a striped or solid top. If you ware wanting something a little more dressy pairing it with a black cami can really make your outfit look chic. 



Having a good classic jacket is a must so this is why I picked this blue trench coat I love wearing navy in the fall, I find it looks so pretty with golden mustard yellows and coral, pink reds and oranges. I love everything about trench coats, they will never go out of style and you can wear them in the fall or spring. If you are not big on navy, a classic tan colour is also amazing for fall. Styling trench coats are so fun you can layer your outfit and leave your coat open or button up. Sometimes I switch it up taking the belt off and wearing that way as well. 

So as much as I love my faux leather pants I like to take inspiration from that with a faux leather or leather jacket . Wearing it with a pretty scarf and stripe top is a good way to style it. There are endless ways to wear this look, it always makes me feel casual but chic at the same time. I would go about styling it the same way I style my faux leather pants .


Shoes & Accessories 

Fall is such a fun season to play this patterns and textures even with your shoes and accessories! 
Having a good tall boot to wear with your jeans, dresses or skirts plus they will add extra warmth. I like to go with a cognac colour boot since most of my outfits are back and grey and they are covering most of my legs. Another was to add some pattern would these with these cute leopard print booties you can really make your outfit standout and these. Plus they are so trendy and are available in mule as well! Then lastly we have a nice suede boot, this is a classic and fun casual look perfect for pairing with your boyfriend jeans.<



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