Emilia's Secret Fairy Garden Tea for Two


Just like that our little girl is TWO!! 
I had so much fun planning and decorating for this years birthday party. I wanted to make the party feel magical like it was outside on a patio or in a quaint little garden. When I was looking for inspiration, I found so many lovely garden party ideas but they were all during the summer months, and since we live in Southern Ontario, we still have plenty of snow and it is very cold in march. So I wanted to try and achieve a fun garden party indoors but bringing the outdoors in.
Birthday parties are one of my favourite things to decorate, there are so many endless possibilities. At the same time they can be very expensive. There is no need to break the bank, this is a great time to get creative. Making things yourself is one of the best ways to save tons of money, another is to recycle or reuse items you may already have. 
For the dessert table I used mostly items I already owned. The tulle skirt around the buffet is a diy I made last year. I purchased the tulle from amazon, it came in a 25 yard roll, then I cut it into strips and wrapped it around a ribbon. The glasses I also reused from last years party and made the E and crown decals by cutting vinyl on my cricut machine. With the exception of the cake, I made all the desserts myself!
 I love sugar cookies and they are so popular for any kind of party! These are so fun and cute, you can make so many different themes to go with your party. They also can be expensive to buy, because we live in the country I would have to drive a fair distance, so making them myself was definitely the best option. They are very time consuming but once you get the hang of it they get easier... Practice makes perfect! Your guest will love them so much more if its something you did yourself.  

I love how the cake turned out. we are so lucky to have such a talented cake decorator at our local grocery store. I highly suggest checking out your local bakery or food market if they can make a more customized cake, this is another great way to save big on cost. For the fairy door I found it at Micheal craft store in their miniatures section and the "two" sign I cut out of glitter paper using my cricut machine. 
The table centerpiece I made using a hula hoop from the dollar store and adding some old and new flowers from Micheal craft store. I love how it helps fill the empty space on the wall behind all the lovely desserts. Backdrops are so much fun for dessert tables and really highlight the area, because our party is a garden theme I really wanted something that was greenery and looked like box-wood or a hedge. So instead of buying faux greenery panels I found this photography backdrop on amazon for $20 that I used for scrapbook paper to cut out the butterflys and Emilia's name. This is also something I can reuse again for future parties. 

I have seen so may lovely parties with floral wall and I love the look of it, but I thought how amazing would it be to have a floral ceiling!! I wanted most of the ceiling to be covered in flowers and then have lights under to really give that backyard patio feel. It is so cozy and we are loving having just the lights on even at night. At first I thought of making paper flowers but because I needed so many that would make the cost go up. So I went to the dollar store and picked up some tissue paper and spent a lot of nights folding while binging "Sabrina" with the hubby on Netflix. 





For the gift and party favours area I used some sequined fabric over a small table. It wouldn't be a fairy tea party without some cute fairy wands. This was such a fun diy using ribbons I already owned and a few items I picked up from the craft store. The trees with butterflys around the room was the perfect touch to fill empty space around the sofa and on the gift table. My Dad was so kind to donate some branches from his backyard trees. I then used more of the butterflys I cut out and hot glued them to the branches. 
I love the idea of having games to play but because this is a party for two year olds we had a "find the butterfly scavenger hunt". I made a specific butterfly design and hid them all round the room for everyone to find and was so much fun for everyone of all ages. 
So what do you serve at a tea party? Well you have to have tea for one thing, but because we had lots of food on the table having the beverage cart came in handy for tea, juice, pop and water. All of the food is finger style foods such as sandwiches, and vegetables. 
For the food table centerpiece I used faux flowers that I cut and placed on the table with some cute fairy decor. I love fresh flowers but with Michaels having a "buy one get one free" on their spring florals I couldn't resist, plus we are able to enjoy this for our spring decor in the future as well. 

Party Details:

Dessert Table skirt: Tulle  & Tulle  
Dessert Table Backdrop: Amazon
Happy Birthday Balloons: Amazon
Gold Paper Plates: Dollar Tree
Flower paper Plates: Michaels & Amazon
Cutlery: Amazon
Plastic Cups: Dollarama
Flower Napkins: Michaels & Amazon
Charger: Michaels & Amazon
Cake Fairy Door: Michaels & Amazon
Small Fairy: Amazon
Large Fairy: Already Own
Fairy House Flower: Michaels / Amazon & Amazon
Fairy House Tree: Michaels 
Fairy House Teapot: Michaels & Amazon
Pink Napkins: Dollar Tree
Cake: Foodland
Tissue Paper Flowers: Diy or Amazon
Cupcakes: Diy
Sugar Cookies: Diy
Butterfly Trees: Diy
Fairy Wands: Diy
Cake Stands: Already Own
"Two" Window Sign: Diy Similar

Faux Flowers: 
Peony , Roses , EucalyptusEucalyptus (for centerpiece)

Secret Fairy Garden Tea Party Ideas

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