White Leopard Print Top


I've always found it hard to find a good animal print that suits me. Most of the colours don't go with my complexion and hair colour, or I simply feel that I lack confidence in wearing animal print. Not that I don't love the idea of a fun animal print top. Then I saw this cute black and white leopard print and thought I would go out of my comfort zone and give it a try and I'm so glad I did!! 

Emilia's Secret Fairy Garden Tea for Two


Just like that our little girl is TWO!! 
I had so much fun planning and decorating for this years birthday party. I wanted to make the party feel magical like it was outside on a patio or in a quaint little garden. When I was looking for inspiration, I found so many lovely garden party ideas but they were all during the summer months, and since we live in Southern Ontario, we still have plenty of snow and it is very cold in march. So I wanted to try and achieve a fun garden party indoors but bringing the outdoors in.
Birthday parties are one of my favourite things to decorate, there are so many endless possibilities. At the same time they can be very expensive. There is no need to break the bank, this is a great time to get creative. Making things yourself is one of the best ways to save tons of money, another is to recycle or reuse items you may already have. 
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