DIY Valentine's Day Lips T-Shirt


Hi everyone! So with today being Valentines day, I wanted to share with you how I made these cute Mommy and me T-shirts for Emilia and I. This is such a fun craft for anyone who loves to diy and make things with their cricut machine. I've had my cricut for sometime now, and I sometimes forget or am  unsure of what to make using my new tech. When I first purchased it, I was making customized onesies for Emilia like crazy, and now that she is getting big and not wearing onesies as much any more, I find myself hardly even using it. These T-shirts are so quick and easy to make. I love how they both turned out, and mixing the two different colours of glitter iron add a fun little sparkle and perfect for any Valentine's day outfit .

Lets Get Started!!

You Will Needed: 

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Lips Template - Personal use ONLY

The first thing you will need to create these cute tees is a lips design for cricut design space. I have already made a template here so all you have to do is download image and upload into your cricut design space 

Once you have uploaded the template into cricut design space and saved image as a cutout. You can now add image to a new canvas. I scaled the largest end to 11 1/2" that way it gives enough clearance on the cutting mat and stays with in the safe zone. 

I then cut out my design twice on to two different glitter iron on vinyl. I also think this would be so pretty in metallic iron on or a combination of both glitter and metallic. After your lips are all cut out, it is now time to remove all the excess vinyl away.  Try to be careful when going over the lips, but if you get some ripping, the edges are wavy and will help hide any little tears that may occur.
{I do like to save the little scrap bits for other small crafts I might be doing } 

Once you have removed all of the excess vinyl, you can now cut out each lip shape into squares leaving
enough of the clear plastic around the edges. I then evenly started separating the lips into 2 groups, red and pink, then making a pile for each top. The toddler T-shirt is smaller so it doesn't require as many shapes so I randomly started placing the lips on that tee first. Then any thing left over I used for the adult T-shirt and started placing the lip shapes using up all the shapes left.

Now that we have all of the lip shapes placed on the tops to our liking it is time to iron them down on to the T-shirt. Iron them according to the manufacturers directions on the packaging. I just used a regular iron for this so you have have to go over it a few times. I found that once they are ironed on and you can peel off the clear plastic, giving it a quick iron again over top to make sure they are ironed on well.

Now your t-shirts are ready to wear!  
These t-shirts are so simple to make and are the perfect top for you and your little one to wear this Valentine's day!! 

xxoo Erika 

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