Emilia's Swan Lake Nursery


When we first found out we were having a girl, I couldn't wait to start working on designing the nursery. The first thing my husband Kevin said was we are not painting the room pink!! My response was of course not, it never even crossed my mind, but filling the room with as much pink as possible did!! 
I wanted to create an elegant and timeless space that Emilia could grow into, and create a space that  wouldn't have to change as she gets older.

Emerald Sweater


Nothing like Blush, Emerald and baby bumps on this snowy December day!
When you think of Christmas what colours come to mind and do you only use those colours for decor or when styling your outfits?

A very Merry Christmas


This year for our Christmas card things are a little extra special!
We are so very excited to announce that we are welcoming baby #2 in June 2021. 
Even though I would have liked to have waited a little long before announcing, well I was never good at keeping secrets and this bump is not helping me hid things! lol 

Free nutcracker wrapping paper printable


Ontario, Canada

Christmas is just around the corner and I still have so much wrapping to do!!
How does this happen every year, I find myself scrambling to get all my wrapping done just a few days before Christmas. 

Nothing says Christmas like pretty Nutcracker themed décor. 
 I wanted to create something extra special this year for my presents so I made this pretty Nutcracker themed wrapping paper. 

I deiced to create the images using watercolours because they are always so pretty and have a vintage feel to it. I pulled out my watercolours and got to work on making lots of different variations and colours that will look absolutely beautiful under any tree! 

Berets for winter



Baby it's freezing outside brrr that wind chill sure gets to you!!
Now that it's cold enough out it's time to bring my old beret out of hibernation. I think with these temperatures I'm about ready to go into hibernation so it is time to wear that winter coat and sweaters only inside!!  

Christmas 2020: Gifts for her under $100



Pink and White for winter


Feeling pretty in PINK! 
I wanted to get another accordion skirt in this shade of pink but because I already had this dress I thought why not just wear my cute pearl sweater over top of it?
This is such a great way to make the most of items you may already have. 

monsters inc halloween costumes


We have a code 2319!!
Monsters Inc has been our go to family movie recently and Emilia loves it! When thinking about Halloween costumes the first thing that usually comes to mind is princesses and all things girly. This year was quite different, Kevin actually picked out this years theme and I’m so glad he did because we had a blast.   

Spooky last minute Halloween costume Idea


8 Stylish Winter Coats


I think we can officially say winter is just around the corner!! Brrr it is sure getting cold out, so for todays post I thought it would be fun to share some cute and stylish winter coat ideas.  
I love to have options so I normally have more then one winter coat, considering winter for us is from November till May. That is a long time to be wearing the same coat every single day, so having more so choses from helps me fell more excited about the cold months ahead.  

Burgundy Pants


Bippity Boppity Boo: Belle Halloween Costume


Here is a fun little mommy and me Halloween costume idea! 
I made this dirndl a few years ago and I always knew it would make a perfect Belle dress. 
I watched the making of and they talked about how Belle's dress was inspired by Maria from The Sound of Music. So naturally, my dirndl was the perfect fit, but any blue dress would do!

Rose floral pants


I found this amazing pants on clearance at Maurices for just over $13 you cant go wrong with that!
One of the reasons why I love shopping there is that they have sizes to fit all shapes. These pants are so fun I think they where from their summer collection but they work so perfectly for fall. I love the back background and having the golden rose really makes them pop. I'm not really sure when it is acceptable to wear white again after labor day? Pretty sure that rule is just the day after right?!? lol
I actually love wearing white in the fall it feels so cozy and well our falls are so short here it is almost felling like winter already. 

Long Cardigan


Something about October and I always feel like I should dress with a 1970's vibe!
Not sure if it is the long cardigan or the velvet boots but I am sure feeling it with this look. I love being cozy now that things are getting colder, and dare I say it the four letter "s" word. But snow is in our forecast, I know it feels way too soon! Where did summer go and we are half way through October. 

blue horizontal striped pants


All I have to say is these pants are a party on their own! 
Who would of thought horizontal striped pants would look so cute and flattering! I am completely obsessed with the colour too they are so bright and vibrant. It is fun to walk on the wild side and these pants are for sure a head turner.. just ask my mom she couldn't help but stare at them all day! 

Matching Dirndls


Darling Party Dresses for little Girls


Leopard Babydoll Top


Backyard Party: My 31st Birthday


Another year has gone by and still fabulous!
Every year I like to do something fun for my birthday, it's usually a little get together for tea and sandwiches. But this year, I thought it would be fun to switch things up and instead of a brunch party I wanted to do more of a dinner and enjoy the setting sun. I really wanted this party to have a glamorous 20's garden style dinner party just like in Downton Abbey, and doing so I tried to make it as cozy by bringing the inside out!

Purple Pants


I'm stepping into fall like it's spring!
I recently picked up these wool banana republic pants from the treasure hunt liquidation store for $5.oo crazy right who doesn't love a good deal! They are so pretty not to get and I love the idea of wearing lots of shades of purple for fall. 

blue stripes & ruffles


I'm loving stripes this year and what better way to wear them them with my favourite colour of blush pink! Dreaming of the beach we never really made it out as a family just a few drive by's to catch a glimpse of the sun setting on the horizon! I love how beachy this outfit is but soon I will have to put it way for next year as fall is quickly approaching!

Mommy & Me Photoshoot


mommy & me photos

We are soaking up the last few days of Summer! 
A few weeks ago we did these cute little Mommy and Me photos with Emilia and our little fur baby Farrah. I love how they turned out with this cute little whimsical feel to them. Farrah absolutely loves getting her picture taken and she is for sure a girly diva bunny! lol 
While Emilia is at that toddler stage where she is not really into taking pictures unless it is her idea, some days it's like 2 1/2 going on 25!

Neutrals for September


Pretty Green Blouse


pink pants

Amazon: Living Room Must Haves


How to Find Pretty Instagram Photo Locations


pretty in purple


mommy and me outfits

Blue Floral Sundress


Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2020


fall capsule wardrobe

Today on the blog I wanted to create a fall capsule wardrobe post!! 
Even though we have just started August and the temperatures are beautiful in the high 20's I have been thinking about fall a lot. I love finding pieces that I can wear throughout the year or transition from summer to fall. I love rich vibrant jewel tones for fall and always find a way to incorporate these colours throughout the year!!  

Anthropologie Jumpsuit


Anthropologie Jumpsuit

I have never really owned a jumpsuit before, nor have I worn one since I was a baby!
All I can say is I'm hooked and I'm sure I will be buying more in the future. I love the feel and the comfyness of it, the fabric is so soft and the flow is so elegant. I recently purchased this jumpsuit on sale at Anthropologie and I love everything about it, the cut and style especially the wide pant leg and little slit on the sides. 

Pink Head to Toe


pink cardigan

Love for Pastels


pastel outfits

If anyone has tips on how to wear linen and it not get wrinkly in minutes let me know!!
A side from all the wrinkles on this beautiful linen top it is one of my favorites. At first I was debating with my self if I should even purchase it Then I tried it on the fit was perfect and the peplum sat at jut the right height and the eyelet details are so gorgeous!! Something abut wearing linen always makes me feel so chic, like I should be away on vacation in Italy drinking a fine wine on a patio or a day at the Louver enjoying all the famous artwork! During these times a girl can dream. 💖

Crazy About Lemons


Floral Sneakers


Rose Garden Dress


lovely pleated skirt


Who doesn't love a good pleated skirt! This is the perfect outfit to start the week, it is so comfortable but sill dressy enough to wear to the office. This outfit would look so cute with a pair of white sneakers but I feel I'm not quite cool enough to pull that look off! lol maybe one day I will rock the sneakers with a dress look. Isn't that what fashion is all about, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new?

Black & Blush Pink


Have you tried wearing light pink pants yet?
This was my first year ever owning a pair and I am hooked! 2 years ago I bought my first pair of white jeans and loved them so much I thought to my self well these pink ones are very similar and only a shad darker. I am so glad I did they have been my spring and summer go to pants!  

Black & White Stripes


Pink Beaded Dress


I am loving all the pretty and sweet details of this dress! The bead work and the ruffle sleeves Are what make this dress So gorgeous. You can wear it on a fun day out for brunch or to the office to give your day a little extra sparkle!

affordable one piece swimsuits


Off the shoulder Dress




Toronto, ON, Canada

forget me not


Tie hem blouse


5 ways to style a baggy top


I think we all have at least one top that we love but it is just too baggy and doesn't do anything to help flatter your shape. leaving you feeling like you are a sack of potatoes. 
I have one and I absolutely love this top, the print is so beautiful and the colours are light and pastel. But it is just way too baggy on me.  
So here are 5 different ways I have styled this top!!

Red Coat


With the weather starting to get warmer it is really starting to feel like spring!!
I can finally switch from wearing my winter coat to my spring jackets and I'm loving it!
Plus nothing says spring like a good pair of light denim jeans and a stripe top!

Leather jacket


I love the idea of dressing up a leather jacket for night or even wearing out for a more casual look!
Thankful my sister let me borrow her leather jack for this fun girls out look! I have always wanted one of my own, but jackets are one of those pieces of clothing that you either have way too many or not enough. Is it something I'm going to wear all the time, or is it going to sit in my closet? For today's modern fashionista we love clothes but we are also environmentally conscious, and have a more minimal or capsule wardrobe!

White Leopard Print Top


I've always found it hard to find a good animal print that suits me. Most of the colours don't go with my complexion and hair colour, or I simply feel that I lack confidence in wearing animal print. Not that I don't love the idea of a fun animal print top. Then I saw this cute black and white leopard print and thought I would go out of my comfort zone and give it a try and I'm so glad I did!! 

Emilia's Secret Fairy Garden Tea for Two


Just like that our little girl is TWO!! 
I had so much fun planning and decorating for this years birthday party. I wanted to make the party feel magical like it was outside on a patio or in a quaint little garden. When I was looking for inspiration, I found so many lovely garden party ideas but they were all during the summer months, and since we live in Southern Ontario, we still have plenty of snow and it is very cold in march. So I wanted to try and achieve a fun garden party indoors but bringing the outdoors in.
Birthday parties are one of my favourite things to decorate, there are so many endless possibilities. At the same time they can be very expensive. There is no need to break the bank, this is a great time to get creative. Making things yourself is one of the best ways to save tons of money, another is to recycle or reuse items you may already have. 

Pretty in Pink


I love the look of a long skirt flowing ever so elegantly in the wind and this skirt is a dream!! I'm a huge fan of circle skirts and I've made a few of my own. When I first saw this beautiful pink skirt I knew it was a must for my wardrobe because I didn't own anything quite like this yet. But don't worry if pink isn't your colour, this skirt is also available in a range of beautiful solid satin-like fabrics.    
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