Diy Pearl Ornament


I have always loved making Christmas ornaments, this is something I have done since I was a kid.  They are so personal and also make the perfect gift to give someone. I also really love pearls and this ornament looks so pretty and elegant hanging on the tree. It almost gives a Chanel or Breakfast at Tiffany's vibe to it. So perfect for anyone that is really into fashion. Having more unique ornaments placed throughout your tree give it a more stylized look and design making your tree stand out. I added a pink bow to the top to go with my other ornaments, but because the pearls are a neutral colour you can really add any colour that goes with your colour scheme. 

3. Hot Glue Gun 
4. Hot Glue 
5. Ribbon

1. Take a plastic ornament that you can find at the dollar store or your local craft store. 
I picked up my last year at Michael's craft store after Christmas for 60% off. Purchasing items after season is the perfect time to pick up supplies for a great price. 

2. Apply hot glue in small sections all over your bulb, you need a plastic ornament to help the glue stick to the ornament better and don't forget to be generous with the glue. Then begin to add the pearl bead to the hot glue.

4. continue to add the pearls till your ornament is completely covered. 

3. Place your pearl beads randomly all over your bulb working in small sections. 

4. Once you have completely covered your ornament in pearls you can add a bow and some ribbon to hang it on the tree.   

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