Starting to look like Christmas


We are filling the tree with all of our favourite ornaments!! I love the look of a full Christmas tree with lots and lots of ornaments, the more the merrier!! 
We switched out our tree for this beautiful flocked tree last year and I love it so much. The dusted white emerald green branches with the blush and gold ornaments looks so elegant with a vintage vibe that is perfect for our Victorian home.
 It is tradition in our house that my family comes over and we watch Christmas movies, eat cookies and decorate the house. We always have so much fun and it reminds me of when we were kids decorating the tree. Then when everyone leaves, because I'm a little OCD when it comes to placing ornaments,
 I go around and rearrange them all... But shhh we wont tell them that lol. 
This is our first time placing the tree in this corner of the living room, normally we would place it in front of the window, but that means we would have to rearrange all the furniture around. This way if we need more space come Christmas morning we can just open up the pocket doors and away we go. 

Top:  H&M Skirt: H&M  Shoes: Gucci

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