Lazy Girl 5 Minute Volume Curls Hair Tutorial


I’m always asked 'how do I have time to curl my hair every day?', and everyone is always shocked when I tell them that it takes me longer to straighten my hair than to curl it!!! I have never been a morning person and have all ways struggled with it, but now that I’m a mom, not only do I have to get myself ready, but also my daughter. So this is one of my favourite go-to hair styles. It saves so much time in the morning and is super easy to do! 

First you want to separate your hair into sections by using a hair clip or a hair tie. 
I like to do 4 or 5 separate sections.

next you are going to want to add some hair product like moose or hairspray to your first section and curl it with you curling iron. I'm using a 1" round. 

Once your hair is curled, hold it in place and make sure the heat has made it's way through all of your hair. Because your curling large sections, if your hair is long like mine you need to leave it in the curling iron for at least a couple of seconds. 

Then carefully slide the curling iron and try your best to keep all of your hair curled up and use a hair clip to keep your hair clipped up and hold it in place. I find these long ones work the best. 

Continue these steps for all of your sections, then leave your hair to cool. This is the perfect time to do your make up, eat breakfast or anything else you have to do around the house. Letting the hair cool in this shape will make the curl hold and last longer, its like using hot rollers but less work and a lot faster. 

Once your hair has completely cooled, take out the clips. 

Now your hair is ready to be styled, you can use a brush, or run your hair through with your fingers to separate some of the curl. 

Now you have big beautiful volume curls that last all day!!

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