beach Days


Ok I think it is officially safe to say I am obsessed with this swimsuit! The little peplum high wasted bottoms are not only super cute but they make me fell so glamorous, chic, and most of all confident!! 
Now they are a little cheeky but having this beach wrap helps with that! 😉 
Another reason I love wearing beach covers or wraps is sometimes I feel a little self conscious of my arms. It like my little beach security blanket, but once I am there and really to be at the beach by by security blanket and hello sun!!  

P.s if you are wondering why or how I am at the beach all by myself?!? Well I was a cold and rainy day in may with a high of 5! Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! 

Outfit Details: 

Beach Wrap | Swim Suit: Old Navy  Similar
Shoes: Calvin Klein  | Sunhat: Winners | Sunglasses : Chanel  

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